Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Imagine Team Game

 We are designing for people in grades 5th through 8th. We will try to make our game not harmful by not offending those people who don't have a home and be respectful about the situations they are or been through. My game will teach the player that building a house can have a very strong affect on someone who doesn't have a home or a place to live at.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Choosing a Game Topic

 I am in a group called The Helping Bees. Our group's topic is homelessness. We decide to choose this topic because it was something we all wanted to work on on. We first all tried to find a topic that would make a great game.  So Barbie our team leader suggested her idea and everybody in our group thought it was a great idea. Her idea involved homelessness and the website that we are going to work with Austin Habitat for Humanity. We also thought that it would be a great organization to work with.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Game Idea

 I not sure what to do for my game but I want to do a game about the website Dress for Success because it helps women be better but I also want to do a game for Safe Place. My game idea for Safe Place is to

Monday, January 7, 2013

Notes For Choosing a Topic

  Austin Human Society
*The Austin Human Society (AHS)  helps  animals find safe shelters for them
*Already has a game
*This is the website (http://www.austinhumanesociety.org)
  Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
*Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (WRR) helps animals that are harmed or homeless
*This is the website (https://wildlife-rescue.org)
  Peace Park
*The  Peace Park is an organization that rehabilitate one of Austin's oldest park
* This is the webisite  (http://www.peasepark.org)
  Safe Place
*It is a program that wants to end sexual abuse and violance
*This is the website to Safe Place (http://www.safeplace.org)
Dress For Success
*This program helps women be better in life
*this is the website (http://www.dressforsuccess.org)

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Minigame

 I have finished my game. My game has been finished though I thought that tracing was really hard because I have to trace it thane color it in. My characters never wanted to color in so I was super mad at that. Most of it was really easy and had lots of fun making my game.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Presenting My Hidden Object Game

   The most important thing I want the players to learn was about when thirteen colonies were founded and by who. To show this information I used the massage box. Every time the player would find a hidden object it would put the massage on the blue highlighted box. I got all the information on the internet so I didn't really know if it was accurate information.
    I looked at different websites to get the information. Most of the information was different on the different websites. During research I learned many different things that I didn't know. 
   During I was making my game I didn't really change any thing about it although I did had to fix it.   When I was adding the score and the massage box at first it didn't work. I had to see what was wrong and I realized that I was supposed to put it in the same code.
   Doing programming was easy because I've programming for just about two years but I learned new things that I could do in flash in the game ingredients. Some of the stuff I already knew but most were new to me. The game ingredients show me new things in flash for example how to put background music or to highlight something.
   The most difficult part about doing the hidden object game was finding the code for my game and drawing my background. It was hard for to draw my background because I haven't traced  before and when I was tracing the little lines it was hard plus if you had fill in something it has to be closed in. Some of the features that I'm proud of my game is the massage box and the scoring. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adding Game Ingredients

 Today I have finished working on my game. It wasn't hard at all but I had a little complications with it. I had to three game ingredients so my game could be finished. I put massage box, timer,  and score. Putting a timer was really easy because all I had to do was put the code and timer box. Although it was complicated when I had to put score and massage box together because i didn't really know how to do the massage box a really new thing I did in flash which I thought was really cool. It kind of had to collide the massage box and score code to make it work but I didn't know that so it took me a while to figure out. Though I really wanted to put my win and lose screen but couldn't because it was not working and so it was taking a long time on that so I just gave up on that.